Keeping Fit on Holiday

Keeping Fit on Holiday When you have a holiday coming up, this is a great opportunity for you to look forward on getting well-earned rest and relaxation.

When you have a holiday coming up, this is a great opportunity for you to look forward on getting well-earned rest and relaxation. However, a few weeks of no exercise are a guaranteed way to lose your hard-earned fitness.

Keeping Fit on Holiday

The ideal exercise regime while you’re on your holiday

The rule is: you lose fitness at twice the rate for gaining it. This means that a fortnight of no exercise will set you back to an entire month. So what’s the best way to maintain your fitness?

The answer is a holiday maintenance program that will keep one’s fitness levels ticking over while allowing your mind and body to have some quality rest and relaxation.

As a result, your batteries get recharged and you get back into your fitness routine during post holiday. Most importantly, your fitness will also not plummet for you to be able to resume with your usual training where you left off.

How to Maintain your Fitness

Fitness maintenance involves:

  • Core
  • Cardiovascular
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Before rushing into your training program, the training needs to be much lighter than your usual routine to help you get the most out of your holiday vacation as well as to permit your body to rebuild.

Of course, you should always enjoy your holiday. The key is to exercise enough to minimize your fitness losses which will make you return to your usual training sessions nice and easy.

When you follow this strategy, you will find that when returning from the holiday, you will have further improvements because the body had the time to fully repair. This is when fitness gain occurs.


Value of Rest

It is one common myth that training improvements happen when you are exercising. Lifting a heavier weight, running faster or more during a training session does not bring specific improvements and this will show on your gains.

Fitness gains do not really occur during one’s training, but when one is resting. During your rest time, the body is adapting the training loads and thus the body becomes stronger.

Rest is a must component when it comes to exercise programs.

The suitcase gym

There is a minimal need for equipment when keeping your fitness and it will take a small amount of space.

Your basic fitness case includes:

One stability ball

Stability balls is perfect equipment for core exercises and one can use this as a bench and seat for upper body exercises. The ball is compact when deflated and the time it takes to inflate the ball is already a short cardiovascular workout.

One pump

Standard bicycle pumps inflates the stability ball, although the faster-blaster ball pump works more efficient. Faster blaster pumps are available at the price of around $10.

Two empty 1-liter bottles of water – these bottles will serve as your weights

You can fill them with either water or wet sand to its appropriate level providing sufficient resistance. In case the bottles are too light for your usual training, you can:

  • Change the sets
  • Change your repetitions
  • Re-challenge your body with a different exercise


  • Skipping rope – a great cardiovascular training and coordination.
  • Lightweight exercise mat – good for floor exercises and stretching.
  • Exercise chart – this describes the exercises in your usual routine.

How much exercise should you perform and how often should the routine be

The rule is to complete three short workouts for each week while you are on your holiday. This is what keeps you staying fit while also enjoying your vacation.

Below are the sessions you can do:

  • Session 1 – Cardiovascular (CV) flexibility: Make your CV routines shorter than you usually perform it. At least 20 minutes is enough. Make sure to keep the intensity light and then finish it off with ten minutes of stretching.
  • Session 2 – Resistance training and core: Perform a 30-minute workout that will utilize the main muscle groups.
  • Session 3 – CV and flexibility: Try out an alternative CV session based on session 1. You can choose from cycling, swimming, walking, jogging or skipping. Do the 10-minute flexibility exercise.

Travel Case

Nobody wants to lose their fitness that is why it’s recommended to pack some fitness into your suitcase when you go to your holiday.

Plan a few simple and short sessions that you can do during your holiday. When you return home, you will feel rested, invigorated and fit!

«Running: Biological process by which energy is transformed into happiness.»

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