Lose Weight by Running

A 150 pound person can burn approximately 600-1200 calories a hour while running. Isn’t that surprising? Running is a perfect form to lose weight.

Running to lose weight.

Running is one of the best choices for cardiovascular activity. This is because running burns a extremely high rate of calories per a hour. A 150 pound person can burn approximately 600-1.200 calories a hour while running. Isn’t that surprising?

Burning these calories while running, and combine It with cutting the number of calories you eat will have the weight just falling off you. For every 3.500 calories you burn from exercise or cut through your diet you will lose 1 pound. You will easily lose weight by running when combined with a good diet.

When running to lose weight, keep in mind that you will only lose weight if you burn away more calories than you eat. This is where a healthy diet comes in. Runners have specific nutrition needs but the basics for healthy eating will still play. Choose smaller portions and eat more whole grains and vegetables, try to stay away from energy bars and drink when you can.

One of the biggest mistakes runners make is that they over compensate for the calories burned through exercise by extra calories from food and energy drink and bars. This is why you hear a lot of runners complaining of gaining weight or hitting a weight loss wall.

The best way to prevent all of this extra eating is to start a food journal for a month. Everyone hates these but they do provide the best results. A food journal will show you where your calories are coming from and where you r diet needs improvement. When having to write down everything, you will think twice before eating that glazed donut.

Start and follow a training schedule

Following and sticking to a schedule is the best way to stay motivated to lose weight. This way you will know exactly what exercise you do every day. When following a schedule it will be harder to skip workouts. If you are new to running, there are beginner running schedule you should follow. This way we can avoid injury and keep you running.

Even if you decide not to follow a training schedule, you need to have consistency when working out. You will not lose weight and see results if you only exercise once a week. This is the same for your diet, if you only eat right once a week. You should attempt to run 3-4 times a week. Do not forget your rest days!

Keep it fun and challenging

Doing the same thing over and over will get boring, so switch it up! Trying mapping out new running routes and adding in some speed work and interval training. This is basically running very fast for short intervals of time. By adding these into your routine, you will definitely see more results and weight loss.

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