Motivation to Take Up Running

Motivation to Take Up Running. There are several reasons why you should take up running. Learn the benefits of running.

There are several reasons why you should take up running. Learn the benefits of running and how to stay motivated. Motivation to Take Up Running.

There are several reasons why you should take up running. This is a very rewarding activity that helps improve one’s mental awareness and in making the body look better. For one to continue on their goal to running, motivation is vital: Intrinsic or extrinsic perspectives while running.

The basic levels in motivation for running can be viewed from both an intrinsic and extrinsic perspectives. The person using an intrinsic motivation when running can gain satisfaction by running around a course during a sunny, calm day. The extrinsic person’s goal is to win races.

Intrinsics and Extrinsics runners

Intrinsic runners enjoy the simple act of running. It is his way of appreciating the beautiful landscape, embracing the cool wind on his skin, hearing the rustling trees and the feeling of contours while the terrain changes beneath his feet.

Extrinsic runners on the other hand enjoy running with a sense of challenge. They set achievable goals and continue to reach longer and faster runs. A lot of people have a combination of being intrinsic and extrinsic mindsets.


Escape from life

Running is sometimes used by people as an escape from the pressures of their day-to-day life. Lifting weights doesn’t really relief the pressures and frustrations off our shoulders unlike the effects of running. Most runners also say that during their runs, it’s when their new ideas flow freely.

Improving mental alertness

When you run during your lunch break, you will notice how much your mental alertness enhances. This can get you going for the rest of the day.

Looking good

Don’t you just look good when running with your new running apparels? A runner is more motivated when equipped with stylish running gears which we can thank the leading running companies for.

Love of food

Running is also used to justify one’s consumption of tasty foods like coffee, beer and chocolates. This physical exercise stimulates the production of aerobic enzymes that enhances one’s appetite and makes every food taste good.

Running events

When you join new running events and training, it gets you motivated to run. In the UK, they have diverse events of running to choose from. One example is the Bupa Great North Run half marathon which is an event that everybody wants to join.

Runner’s High

Running helps release endorphins in the body which is one strong motivation for running. The “runner’s high” is one powerful and satisfying metal state. It gives the runner a very memorable experience with a mixture of elation, satisfaction and fatigue.

Spiritual motivation

When we go within the metaphysical levels of running, it is said to be motivated spiritually. Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual leader uses meditation to gain inner strength and immense spiritual power.

He taps into the inner joy and peace from his meditation and it gives him inspiration as well as energy to perform his runs. Sri Chinmoy followers say that they gain self-discovery and inner growth through the challenges of running.


Social life

Running is a sociable activity. This is ideal for those who want to meet people from different places. Runners are given the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals through joining marathons and races around the world.

You can state your reasons why you want to run and this will motivate you in doing this activity. Whatever type of motivation you use, always enjoy your running.

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