Summer Running: Take Precaution in the Heat

You can make summer running a very enjoyable activity if you avoid overheating. The major problem with it is the radiant effect of the sun.

You can make summer running a very enjoyable activity if you avoid overheating. The major problem with it is the radiant effect of the sun. Summer Running, take precaution in the Heat.When going out for a run under the summer heat, always bring with you a bottle of ice water and squirt some over the top of your head regularly to cool your body down.

You can make summer running a very enjoyable activity if you avoid overheating. The major problem with it is the radiant effect of the sun. It is best to finish your running before the sun gets to far above the horizon. That way, you can avoid the damaging effects of heat.

Tips to running in hot weather

Below are more tips to help you avoid serious problems when running in hot weather. Take note: when you notice any warning signs, STOP.


Even in moderate heat, your core body temperature rises due to the strenuous activity. This can trigger the flow of blood into the capillaries of your skin that will help cool you down which then reduces the supply of blood to your exercising muscles.

It then causes less blood and oxygen delivered to the power source that is moving you forward. This will also lessen the blood moving the waste products out from the work sites. When the waste products build up in the muscles, you will eventually slow down.

When it’s hot you run slow

This means that during the warm weather, you will feel worse and your running is slower. When you work out too hard during the hot day, it can result to serious health problems called heat disease.

Good thing is that we can adapt to the hot weather condition as we learn how to handle the heat. We can stay cool by running during the best time of the day when the sun is not yet too high. Wearing appropriate clothes also help. However it is still very important to make sure you stop running when the first sign of problem arises.

Below are the ways of avoiding heat adversity:

Run before the sun gets above the horizon

Just like I mentioned earlier, it is best to get up early at dawn which is the coolest time of the day. Start running and finish it before the sun passes over the horizon. That way, you won’t have to deal with the heat.

Running when sun is up, go to a shady course

If you’re in a shady place, it relieves the areas with low humidity.

Run in the evening and night

Areas with low humidity are cooler during the night.

Get a treadmill

Running indoors is great when you don’t want to run under the heat. You can exercise in a room that is properly ventilated to keep you cool.

Don’t wear a hat

Your head is where most of your body heat gets released. Covering it will only cause the buildup of heat.

Wear light clothing; avoid cotton

Clothing with fiber materials is more ideal because they keep the moisture away from the skin. When you sweat, the shirt does not stick onto your skin and the sweat evaporates easily, keeping you cool.

Pour water over your head

This will keep your body cool and also makes you feel cool. It helps boost your energy as well to help keep you going while running.


Do short runs in installments

Do several short runs daily. Run for 30 minutes in the morning and then another 30 minutes at noon and another during the night. This will help you complete your running routine without burning yourself with the heat.

Take a shower or hit the pool

Taking a shower or hitting the pool for at least four minutes will cool your body down. Runners who run during the hot weather run loops around their neighborhood and let the hose run over them for each lap. Soaking in the pool will help you prevent the heat from building up inside your body.

Sun screen

Use protective products that will prevent your skin from being damaged by the sun. Apply sunscreen or sun-block onto your skin every 30 to 50 minutes to make sure your skin is protected.

Drink 6 to 8 ounces of fluids

Drink a sports drink or water every two hours or whenever you feel thirsty.

Wear loose fitting clothes with textured fabric

The texture helps in limiting and preventing the sweat from getting into the fabric and sticking to your skin.




«Running hurts, but not running hurts more».



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