Winter Running

Winter running tips. These tips will help you have a safe and excellent run during the cold winter seasons.

These tips will help you have a safe and excellent run during the cold winter seasons.

Winter Running

Cold temperatures are not a reason to postpone your outdoor running routine and go hiding during the winter season. Actually, going out for a run during the cold winter seasons will help improve your energy level, get rid of winter blues as well as shape your body before the summer season comes.

All you need to do is follow these steps when running in cold weather

Be Aware of the Temperature and Cool Wind

When the wind is strong, it will pierce into your clothes and remove the shield layer of warm air around you. The movement you make creates wind chill as it increases the air movement that goes to your body. Instead of going outdoors when the temperature goes below zero and the wind chill goes below 20, use the treadmill as an alternative.


Shield Your Hands and Feet

Roughly 30 percent of your body heat goes out into your hands and feet. During mild days, put on your running gloves that wick the moisture out. During colder days, mittens are better to use because your fingers will share their heat.

You may also insert disposable heat packets inside your mitten to bring in more heat inside. With your shoes, you can tuck in a wicking sock liner under a wool sock or warm polar fleece while making sure there is enough room for your running shoes to contain all those thick socks.

Wear Layers of Clothing

Begin with a layer of thin synthetic material. The polypropylene will work well as it absorbs sweat from the body. Avoid using cotton fabrics because it keeps the moisture inside which will make you wet with sweat.

Using a breathable outer layer nylon or Gore-Tex fabric will prevent wind and precipitation while you let the heat and moisture out. This will prevent chilling and overheating. In case it is really cold outside, you will need an additional middle layer of clothes to add filling. A polar fleece can be used for this.

Do Not Overdress

Once you start running, your body will warm up, so you need to feel a bit cold as you start your run. A helpful tip: Before you go outside, dress yourself as if it is 20 degrees warmer than the real temperature.

Protect Your Head

Your head is where 40% of your entire body heat goes through. To prevent the heat loss, wear a hat so that your circulatory system will have more heat to give out to the rest of your body. If it is really cold outside, a scarf or a face mask can be used over your mouth so that you can warm the air you breathe while also protecting your face.

Watch Out for Frostbite

During really cold days, always check your ears, fingers, nose and toes. At first, they may feel numb but after a few minutes of running, they will warm up. In case you see a patch of cold, pale skin, you may be having frostbite. When this happens, get out of the cold immediately and warm the affected area slowly. If it continues to be numb, ask for emergency care.


Consult Your Doctor

Cold air can cause asthma attacks and chest pain to some people. If you have any medical conditions as regards to exercising outdoors, talk to your doctor before beginning on the activity in a cold weather.

Use Sunglasses

The light coming from the snow may cause snow blindness. Wear polarized sunglasses to prevent this problem.

Change Your Wet Clothes Immediately

You may get wet due to the snow, rain or the sweat from your body. In case you do get wet, make sure to immediately change your clothes to prevent hypothermia, the condition of temperature drop.

Drink Lots of Fluids

Cold weather is not an excuse to not drink enough water. Actually, the cold air causes a quick drying effect that will increase the risks of dehydration. It is highly recommended to drink water or any sports drink before, during and after running.

«Don’t stop until you feel proud».

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